JMK Revenue Cycle Management System Features

Appointment Scheduler
• Color-coded for easy lookup
• Day View and Week View
• Full and multiple schedules accessed simultaneously
• Schedule and re-schedule appointments
• Encounter form gives the user the ability to print encounter forms for any appointment within appointment scheduler
• Summary of insurance and patient balances during check-in
• Track cancellations and no-shows

Patient Information
• Lists patient financial responsibilities
• Full and multiple schedules accessed simultaneously
• Capture patient picture for file
• Temporary Registration
• Instant online eligibility to verify insurance credibility

Card Scanner
• Scan & upload insurance cards with patient identification into the system

Recall Program
• Automated patient reminders to reduce no-shows
• Efficiently increase patient-provider contact

Charge Entry & Payment Posting
• Enter procedures, authorizations and modifiers by line items
• Charge by Patient List
• Charge by Encounter
• Insurance Payment
• ERA Payment
• Patient Payment
• Transaction payment breakdown, claim responsibility, patient responsibility and statement comments

• Ability to send statements by individual or family record
• View hard copy or electronic statements and results
• Trial Statement
• Statement History

Insurance Claims
• View both submitted and un-submitted claims
• Paper Claim
• Paper Claim History
• Electronic Claims
• Electronic Claim History
• Save time and resources by flagging claims with errors prior to filing

Practice Notes
• Track history of insurance claim problems and patient medical records
• Scan patient insurance information for claim resubmission and follow-up

Advanced Tracking Module
• A tracking system records all user activities, allowing faster access to errors

• Alert process tracks unpaid claims and patient accounts with payments
• Increases cash flow and improves account receivables
• Collection List
• Collection Reminder
• Collection Letters

Managed Care
• Powerful tool for primary care physicians and specialists, ensuring compliance within insurance plan parameters
• Allows systems to verify eligibility

• Create and view sent tasks
• Change task preferences
• Set task reminders

System Utilities
• Practice Info
• Referring Provider
• Insurance Plan
• Diagnosis Code
• Procedure Code
• Macro
• Employer Info
• Lookup – System, Patient, Provider, Insurance Plan, Financial, Electronic Claim, Managed Care, & Prescription
• EMR Encounter
• Collection Setup
• Report Format Setup

Security Control
• Security specifications allow password changes without administrator intervention
• Provides access levels limited to “view only”
• User log tracking provides greater patient security
• Track cancellations and no-shows

On Screen Help
• User-friendly, functional screen interface
• Drop-down boxes for system terminology and verifications

Electronic Medical Records
• JMK’s EMR easily integrates with the JMK PM system for improvement of the clinical environment

Electronic Remittance Advice
• Retrieves the patient’s data to allocate payment and post automatically and accurately

HL-7 Connectivity
• Enables the system to quickly connect to hospitals or third party information systems
• Automated imaging and documentation
• A powerful tool to scan and store documentation in electronic format

Laboratory Interface
• Allows the system to connect with external labs, enabling viewing, retrieval, sending and receiving lab

JMK Mobile
• Allows providers to login to JMK’s PM system with their mobile phone device via internet. View up-to-minute schedules, appointments, tasks, patient demographics, clinical history, vitals history, and prescription history. View the most important information for the entire practice in real time from virtually anywhere

JMK Edge
• View up-to-date appointments and tasks on MS Outlook. Utilizing a data-ready mobile phone device, users can synchronize (via ActiveSync) appointments and tasks to MS Exchange account remotely.

Electronic Prescription
• Enables physicians to easily communicate and submit prescription information online

Advanced Decision Support Report
• Customized to fit the financial and management needs of the individual practice

Voice Recognition System
• Assists physicians in generating dictations without the need for transcription

Daily/Monthly Reports
• Access detailed charges, payments and adjustments
• Generate projection reports as a tool for future financials

Appointment Report
• General Appointment Report
• Daily Appointments By Provider Report
• Appointments List Report
• Appointments Worksheet Report
• Appointments Detail Report
• Appointment Exception Report
• Appointment Classification Report
• Appointment Productivity Report
• Double Booked Appointments Report
• Walk In Patient Report
• Block Time Appointments Report

Encounter Reports
• Encounter Status Report
• Print Encounter Form(s) Report
• Print Blank Encounter Form Report

Reminder Reports
• Appointment Reminder Report
• Appointment Recall Report
• Appointment Recall By Patient Report

Temporary Patient Report
• Temporary Patient List Report

Patient Report
• Patient Database Report
• Patient Demographic Report
• Patient by Referring Physician Report
• Temporary Patient List Report
• Patient Labels Sheets/ Letters
• Patient Diagnosis Analysis Report

Guarantor Report
• Guarantor Detail Report
• Guarantor Summary Report

Other Reports
• Prescription Detail Report
• E-Docs Detail Report

General Financial Report
• Request for Review Report
• Summary Revenue Report
• Detail Revenue Report
• Audit Trail Report
• Payment Audit Trail Report
• Payment-Receipts Audit Trail Report
• Unallocated Money Report
• Allocated Money Report
• Refund Money Report
• Interest Payment Report
• Credit Balance Report
• Unassigned Receipts Report

ERA Report
• Remittance Notice (Trial) Report
• Remittance Notice (Posted) Report
• Remittance Notice (Un-posted) Report
• ERA Payment Report

Journal Report
• Open Batch Report
• Batch Procedure Report
• Open Journal Report
• Journal Cash Receipts Report (Daily)
• Journal Cash Receipts Report (Weekly)
• Detail Journal Report
• Payment Summary Report

Provider Productivity Report
• Provider Productivity Detail Report
• Provider Productivity Summary Report

Aging Report
• Summary Aging Report
• Detail Aging List by Account# Report
• Summary Aging List by Account# Report
• Detail Aging List by Plan Report
• Summary Aging List by Plan Report
• Summary Aging by Department Report
• System Aging Analysis Report

A/R Report
• Daily Close Report
• Practice Financial Summary Report
• Practice Financial Summary History
• New Practice Financial Summary Report
• New Practice Financial Summary History
• New UAC Report
• New UAC History

Claims Report
• Open Claims Report
• Insurance Pre-Bill Report

Billing Report
• Unbilled Items Report
• Hold Report

Insurance Report
• Insurance Plan Report
• Insurance Policy Report

Maintenance Report
• Practice Report
• Service Facility Location Report
• Provider Report
• Referring Doctor Report
• Diagnosis Code Report
• Procedure Code Report
• Employer Report
• Zip Code Report
• Zip Code Analysis Report

Finance Maintenance Report
• Adjustment Reason Code Report
• Adjustment Reason Group Report

General Collection Report
• Summary Collection System Report
• Detail Collection System Report
• Collection Non- Payment Report